Injecting oil into crop through skin

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  1. hoosier

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    Does anyone know if you can inject veg oil into an impacted crop? Has anyone done this?
    I have tried getting her to eat bread soaked in olive oil, but after the first two bites she refused. It was the same with rice. She will eat, but not with the oil on it. I am not making much progress giving her oil orally as I am afraid of getting it into her lungs.
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  2. Country4ever

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    Oct 26, 2007
    I have given some of mine olive oil through a syringe. Just be sure to get it as far down as possible, otherwise you might get it in their lung tissues.
    On......did you mean straight into the crop through the skin? Hmmmm.....I never thought of that. I would think it was possible.......but we'd better wait to hear from people who know more than I do.
    Have you massaged the heck out of her crop? And I mean really squeeze on the impaction and move it around....trying to break it into bits.
    I also sometimes give Papaya that is supposed to break down fiber. I would massage her crop at least 4 times a day.
    Have you withheld food for a least a day? Don't withhold water though.
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    Thanks for responding.
    I have not withheld food. I have stopped all grain and not let her free range. I have given her access to crumbles and given her Activia. She is thin and I was afraid to withhold all nutrition. I have never dealt with this before an dI just discovered the problem last night. I have massaged her crop, but perhaps not enough.

    ETA Yes, I meant directly into her crop through the skin.
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  4. StephanieD

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    Mar 9, 2011
    That is a really good idea, injecting the oil directly into the crop! Sounds safe to me.
  5. Country4ever

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    Oct 26, 2007
    You might start a post entitled "injecting oil to crop through skin"......that might get you more responses.
    I have no idea how this would go...........but if you do inject it directly, I would pull the skin to the side and then inject the that when you let go of the skin, the holes are in differently places.
    You'll need a needle that's big enough to let the oil test that ahead of time.
    You might have a big mess and possibly an infection though, if the hole leaks. don't want to hit a blood vessel going in.

    I think you should withhold food for a day and give some nourishment in liquid form (vitamins and electrolytes) and massage the heck out of that mass. Absolutely no grains. I quit giving scratch to my hens at all. It was a big cause of impacted crop. I think its the corn. Now for a treat, I give them black oil sunflower seed and they seem to do fine with that. I also feed them Layena pellets and occasional greens.
  6. hoosier

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    It gets softer when I first give her the oil, but feels hard again later. How long before I will be able to see a significant difference?
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    May 20, 2012
    Dundee, UK
    Hi Hoosier. Did you try injection in the end? Can you even remember, it was an old post...
    I would have thought it would be fine and much easier than trying to tube feed a stroppy chicken.
    I have a bird with impacted gizzard; would be interested to know how you got on.
    Thanks, Nestleaver1

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