Injured 2.5 week old chick


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
We got 27 new chicks (all pullets...well except maybe our free rare LOL) from McMurray--shipped May 30. They all did great and were growing well and nothing seemed amiss. Had them in a pool in the living room until they started escaping, and then moved them to our enclosed porch into a larger enclosure. We've been checking each chick daily as we pull them out into a tote while we clean the enclosure. It's still been into the mid 40s as lows here so even with heat too cold to have them in the coop yet!

Three days ago, we noticed our smallest chick (1 of 5 Barred Rocks) had a wound in her head near her beak and what I think are peck marks all over her legs/chest as well. And her feet are very swollen and pink. We pulled her and the next smallest (also a Barred Rock) out into a separate tote thinking that it would be better for her not to be alone. These two weren't feathering out like the rest, but now they are! We watched closely to be sure that they weren't picking on each other and they aren't as the wounds are healing up and show no new injuries. They are also bulking up a bit being on their own with the smaller space and sole access to food, though the injured chick still seems to not be moving around as much as the other in with it.

She seems to be doing better, but I am wondering what the chances of reintroducing her back into the group? Would I be better off keeping her alone and putting the mate back? Or keep them together until she's healed and try reintroducing at night (read that works best!)? And, how long should I wait? Until the wounds are completely healed of course, but how long after that?


9 Years
May 14, 2010
North Edwards, CA
After she is healed I don't see where there should be a problem putting her back with everyone else. Just watch to see if anyone pecks on her after you put her back in.

I had 2 shipments come from McMurray hatchery this year: May 23rd and May 31st. I immediately put the ones I received on May 31st in with the ones I received on May 23rd and I had no problems with anyone getting pecked on.


10 Years
Jun 21, 2009
If her little friend is not pecking at her then I would keep them together for comfort and try reintroducing them at the same time and at night.


12 Years
May 25, 2008
It will help a lot if you can reintroduce them a couple days with a wire barrier between the 2 and the other chicks before actually putting them together. Then they can see and squawk at each other while getting pretty used to each other, while not being able to actually make much physical contact. Also, the 2 get a chance to look for hiding places and escape routes a couple days through the wire, before they have to use them! (Make sure there are obstacles to jump up on and run around, but no corners where the 2 can get trapped, when you reintroduce them)

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