Injured 2 month old ducking


Sep 26, 2020
Hey Everyone, I'm new to the group thanks for having me. I have a 2 month old ducking who was attacked by our puppy. The ducklings began to free range in the pasture pond, middle of September. The dog was chasing all the ducks ( mamma included). This particular duck managed to get away but not without some marks. The duckling was in shock. I got it in side, washed one wound on the head and left side of the face. The face wound was superficial but, I couldn't really judge the head wound. It seamed to really hurt the duck especially when cleaning it. The left eye seem to be blind. Not grey but, has a blood shot looking gash by pupil. I cared for the duck for 3 days before seeing promising results. Day 3 I started keeping antibiotic ointment on its eyes so it could keep them open through the night. It is day 6, I tried to let it go to the pond with its siblings and mamma. One particular sibling kept pecking its wounds. It seemed like that duck and the mamma duck were trying to boot my little survivor out of the pond. I worried that it can't survive a free range life in the pond. Also, it seem to chirp more than usual. Like it is using the mamma and siblings sound to stay with the group. I took it back out of the pond and put it back in isolation for now. until feedback.

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Jul 19, 2016
Hello, and welcome to BYC. Sorry to hear about your duckling, could you provide us with a few pictures of her injuries, including the eye, so we can help with more efficiency? Is she eating and drinking well? Is she producing poops often, could you post pictures of that too?

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