injured 7 week old, antibiotics and bandage questions

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  1. VKat

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    Aug 10, 2014
    2 of my 7 week old chicks got into the adult hen area with my 3 big girls and were attacked.
    One of them suffered damage around her vent and comb and face.
    The other has a deep wound on the back of her head.


    I have the two inside my house, and converted a bathtub into a baby chicken get well area.
    So far we have cleaned with diluted betadine washes as best we can.
    That hole in the above photo doesn't show it well, but there was a flap of skin...

    I am pretty sure so long as I can keep infection out, they will be okay....
    Around the vent is a concern of course. At least that isn't anything too deep...

    We got Penicillin G Procaine
    but these guys are really little, I gave 1/8th a cc each.
    Is that enough? A previous thread on here ( said give 1/4 cc for birds 10 lbs and under, but these two are so small....

    Also do I give them these antibiotic IM shots every other day for 4 days, or do 4 consecutive days?

    Lastly, if anyone has any tips at all about how to dress a wound on the back of a bird's head, I'm all ears. It's been very tricky to get something to stay, and she seems pretty unhappy about it.

  2. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    1/8 of an ml of penicillin is more than enough, and it should be given for 4 days in a row. Plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotics ointment is good to put on the wounds, then leave them open or put a tiny gauze cover over it. Vetericyn wound spray would also be good to use instead of the ointment. Later when the wounds are healing BluKote or genital violet would be good to hide the wounds to decrease pecking. I hope your chicks recover well.
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  3. VKat

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    Aug 10, 2014
    Thank you! It seems like I can always count on you for good advice.
    The two young ones are on day 3 of the antibiotic shots now, and healing remarkably well. I've left the bandage off the poor barred rock now that the wound is not gaping open anymore. Really hopeful they will be just fine.

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