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    May 26, 2012
    My young male muscovie, Omo, flew into a neighbor's yard and was attacked by the dog last weekend. I let him rest for a few days, separated from his sister, who now pecks at him, and our dogs, who used to leave him alone but now chase him. Since Thursday I have started a daily routine of putting him in the pool (which he has never been wild about) to clean his underside and exercise his legs. I also make him fly a few times and then let him sit in the yard (all with the dogs in the house and sister in the pen). He seems to be eating (duck feed and earth worms) and drinking ok.

    Omo doesn't seem to have any broken skin and flies well. HOWEVER, his legs are splayed out to the side at 45 degrees from his body. He only "walks" when he is trying to get away from something.

    Any suggestions on rehab? Any guess as to how this will end?
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    I have one very important suggestion, please clip one of his wings so he won't fly into your neighbors yard again. Why are you making him fly? he needs exercise but the swimming in the pool; will help him get the strength back in his legs. have you checked his legs over real good for broken bones or maybe the dogs pulled his legs out of joint? I don't know what to tell you but because he is in a weakened condition is why your dogs are going after him and also his sister. Rest, swimming in the pool and quiet will probably be the best for him right now. You say he walks when trying to get away from something, how does he walk? normal, limping ? explain please. Maybe some poultry vitamins would help Omo right now. And [​IMG]
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