injured african goose

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    May 17, 2016
    I have a goose that is limping unsure what happen to it could someone tell me how to treat her. I checked it out it is not swollen feet feel the same it is not cold could not see any injury. it is sore she protects it. any advice
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    Welcome to BYC. there is also a goose forum that I recommend that you post on also:
    Examine the bottom pads of her feet for any sores or scabs. In most birds sprains and bone injuries can be very common from poor landings off roosts or from interacting with others. Many birds will hold up an injured leg, while some try to put weight on the limb and stumble. Being forced to rest the leg in a crate or pen with food and water for a week or two can sometimes help. Broken bones may take more than 3-4 weeks to fully heal. Xrays by a vet may be able to rule out a fracture. Since birds can suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, giving a supplement sometimes can be of benefit. Below are 2 suggested brands--one is given in the feed, while the other is given orally 1 ml per every 3 pounds of weight.


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