Injured and depressed chickens


Aug 7, 2016
We had an aggressive dog break in and attack our flock. We had 12 ranging from our oldest 4 of 2 years old down to our new group of about 6 months old. 6 were killed, 2 more had to be put down from serious injuries.

The remaining 4 aren't doing the best. Some have lots of missing feathers, abrasions from the dog's teeth, limps and worst of all, seemingly very depressed. They aren't nearly as active and lay around a lot, some of their vocalizations are quite sad,more like a whimper.

Has anyone else been through something like this that would have some good ideas on how to lift their mood? I sit with them and hand feed treats but that doesn't even excite the more depressed ones that seem to miss their partners. I do realize injuries can make them quiet and lethargic. The most affected hen actually is the most unscathed.


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Aug 10, 2012
southern maine
Is there a way to give them an epsom salt/betadine bath? Do you have a bin you can fill the bottom w water & betadine/epsom salt & let them stand in it? Never had an injury like that but mine really like epsom salt & I soaked their legs in betadine & epsom salt when they had leg mites. Did a great job.

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