injured and Inside- can she go outside?

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    Dec 17, 2013
    Hello- we had a raccoon kill one and injure a 2nd girl. I had bandaged and ace wrapped the area and she has been in the basement for about a week. (cleaned with normal saline and antibiotic) I'm near Boston MA. We had snow and its now 12 deg out. Since she'd been in a basement will we be able to bring her back out with her flock. Her wound is healing and I'll make a wrap for her so she doesn't get pecked. She is eating and drinking and I'm sure lonely. It was suppose to get up to 40 outside during the day this week but that didn't happen. Our outside coop is not heated and well ventilated but not drafty. We didn't put a heat source in it since we read that if you loose power they are use to having heat. They all did well last year in the current outside coop. Thank You!
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    Welcome to BYC. I would try her outside a little at a time during the day when it is warmer, but I would recommend keeping an eye on her so she isn't pecked and hurt. A lot depends on how cool your basement is. If she has to stay in for a bit longer, maybe a docile friend could stay with her.
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    When one of my hens was recovering from an eagle attack, I found she ate better if she was near her flock. I had her outside in a wire crate during the day. She could see her flock, but they couldn't hurt her.

    I swear by Blu-kote. It is an antiseptic and it disguises the wound so the other chickens are less likely to peck at it. It's PURPLE.

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