Injured baby geese

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    I have two Canadian geese that are about 3 weeks old. One if my dogs was able to get the poor thing an removed about a two square inch area of skin on her neck. Wife and a I are just sick. Is there anything we can do for her. She is still walking around with no problems. Makes me think it superficial. Please help. If I have to put her down then I will. I am so mad I could just scream
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    Hey, dogs will be dogs..... it's a shame the stinker got hold of it but it sounds like it could be much worse.
    pics might help people to advise.
    maybe just clean the wound well to prevent infection and keep an eye on it till it's healing well....?
  3. vtchickenlvr

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    Apr 17, 2010
    I would probably try antibiotics. Your local vet should be able to set you up w/ some. Whenever our geese get badly injured they seem to recover amazingly w/ antibiotics. Sorry that i can't tell you what kind of antibiotic, my boyfriend is a small animal vet and he's the one who treats them! But, I can tell you that we have had geese w/ all kinds of injuries survive and fully recover. They are amazingly tough buggers! Have you separated the little one from the rest? The geese don't seem to be real sympathetic to having sick ones around, esp. if they have blood on them.
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    my dog got ahold of my muscovy hen last fall and took a hunk out of her breast right by her wing. I was devasted but you know what?? She healed beautifully and is fine now. As long as my dog is on chain, he is still a puppy at 10 months and still in training, he is fine. he only wanted to play. He never kills anything that is why we turn him loose only when the poultry are in the secure coop at night and he goes on patrol. During the daytime, they are in his dog house and all around him as he sleeps or just lies there not paying any attention to them. Now my duck had a nice hunk out of her and she did just fine, no indentation or anything. If you have access to a puffer antibiotic than that would be wonderful. It is called Neo-Predef. I get it from the vet for 9.95. Yolu just "puff" the powder on the injured part and leave it alone. I have used this on several of my chickens, etc. and it works fine for poultry. good luck and keep us posted.

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