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I have a barred rock that has been "off" for about a week now. She has a limp, and the other day I noticed that she had frank blood on her feathers by her thigh. We couldn't feel any breaks in the bone, but the skin where we could see it appeared badly bruised. We isolated her for a couple days and she seemed a little better. I let her out into the yard today, and looked outside in time to see my turkey pulling on her wing and shaking her. She was bleeding again, unable to stand, and is back in isolation. Does anyone have any ideas what we can do to help her? I am beginning to think we aren't doing her any favors trying to keep her alive. She is eating and drinking, but has stopped laying. I never should have let her out for some sun today. Help, please.
It sounds to me like you're doing all the right things. Is she eating and drinking? If so, then she may heal up okay if you keep her in "chicken hospital" (my chicken hospital is an old guinea pig cage). You can get topical wound products at the feed store. I used Neosporin, though, in a very deep wound I discovered under my EE girl's vent (it had maggots in it, even!) and it healed up great.
Thanks for your input. Hazel is eating well and even enjoying the treats I am putting in her hospital "room" (a large dog cage so she has room to walk around a bit if she wants). We are just going to leave her in there and watch where she was bleeding from. She isn't moving around too much, but if she has a badly bruised joint, bone or muscle she won't want to walk around much. I was thinking about wrapping the leg close to her body with vet wrap to see if that helps her. She is such a sweet tempered girl I hate to see her hurting.
Let us know how she does! She's got a good "doctor" looking after her.
Sounds like that turkey is the problem. Ok maybe you know that and it sounds dumb, but just for others, if you see something like that happening get the bully away from the rest.
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