injured bird laying or not laying?

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  1. southernsibe

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    Jun 15, 2007
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    I have a bird in isolation because the roo ripped her back up very badly, to the point that she just could not be with the other birds because he just about filleted the skin from her back. She doesn't seem to know she is injured. She is eating fine and drinking water, and will peck and scratch around when I let her out. She does not want to associate with the other hens at all if they are out as well. My question about her laying is this, she is not doing badly, and she doesn't have an infection, I'm keeping her separate so her skin can heal, Is she going to lay? She is in a medium size dog crate. Enough room for her to move around and she has food and water. Then I let her have free roaming of the garage when I am down there. She has been in there for the last 7 days and no egg. Should I be worried about this?
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    Jan 1, 2008
    some birds dont lay when they are in too small quarters. Maybe it could be the light too.
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    Are you sure she isn't laying, watch her if she is wandering around looking in every corner she may be laying in a corner. Do you have the open skin covered? thin Sanitary pads work good with neosporin on them and a piece of masking tape on the back larger than the pad and stuck to the feathers on her side. We've had a pullet inside about 3 weeks now, I'm hoping in another week she will be completely healed over, then we can work on getting her back out to the coop.
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    are you treating the wound?

    the hen is in a different environment.
    she has been injured.
    she's most likely stressed out, and has stopped laying.

    try and give her a bigger space if you can, and a nestbox similar to what she's used to.

    try and get her some vitamins and electrolytes to add to drinking water, to help her with the stress.
    also some extra protein...
    a little cooked oatmeal mixed with feed, chopped cooked egg yolk, and a little plain active culture yogurt.

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