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Jun 5, 2017
i bemeive ny bird got scractches or pecked in the eye. one eye swelled shut. other eye is fine. she is eating and drinking fine. and in cage by herself. i got vetericyn. is there anything to help her.


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Wash the eye with warm (body temperature) saline,..eye wash for people works. You can gently dab Triple Antibiotic ointment (anything WITHOUT pain reliever in it) around the eye, using a clean finger tip or q tip, and it will seep into her eye. You can do it a couple of times a day until it clears up. Veterycin is ok as far as I know but I think the eye wash might be more soothing and less drying. It could be an injury but it could also be the start of something more severe, like a respiratory infection or a virus. Keep her in her cage by herself until her eye clears up or you get a better idea if it is something else. Make sure she is eating and drinking well, and if you can get some poultry vitamins for her water, that will help too. If you see nasal discharge or hear her coughing or sneezing, that could be a sign of something more severe.

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