injured chick, neck raw and bloody

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    Apr 28, 2010
    I have spent several days of slowly introducing my 10 week old chicks to my older hens. Today was the first day they were all together. Found one chick with her head stuck in fence wedged behind the small pen they had been in. I don't know if the injury to her neck is from being stuck in the fence and trying to get out or if while she was stuck an older hen pecked her. anyway, her neck is completley raw and very bloody. I have brought her into the house and put her back in a tub that I kept them in when first hatched. She is eating and drinking. I am sort of freaking out about her neck, the whole thing is just raw meat, yuck! She is moving around just fine. I will of course keep her isolated, but what else should I do? should I try to bandage her neck? put medicine on it? How long should I expect the older hens to pick on the younger ones? I have 5 hens 1 year old and 1 rooster, I have added 10 young chicks.
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    I would take one of the others to put in with her. Keep her where no flies/bugs can get into her wound, and just let her heal. Chickens can be very resilliant despite how bad the wounds look to us. As long as it is no longer bleeding and you have cleaned it she should be fine. When it is healed re-introduce the two chickens the same way you did it the first time. It is always better to introduce two or more at a time to divert unwanted attention.

    Good luck!
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    As NottinghamChicks suggested I would remove her and a second bird. The injuried areas should be treated with an antibotic ointment and I would add a suppliment like Poultry Drench to her water. It is amazing want chickens can recover from so I'm sure your's will be fine.
    You will need to watch the other chicks very closely to insure that they don't become pecking targets for the older birds as well. The next time you add birds to your flock they should be much closer in size. I never add chicks untill they are at least 16 weeks old.

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