Injured chick not eating solid food

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    Mar 11, 2014
    Hello, I have a 10 week old banty cross that was injured last week. She was accidentally stepped on (I know - ugh!). No visual injuries but feared there might be internal injures. Seems to be more active and recovering - can drink, walk, chirp and eliminate normally. The issue is that she does not seem able to eat solid food - not even mushed up or aoaked mash. She attempts to peck at it but gives up. Through trial and error I finally got her to eat raw egg mixed with some table sugar. She drinks it up quickly but will not eat anything else. No fruit, nothing. She has lost weight and I fear will not continue to grow/improve if she doesn't start eating. Has anyone else encountered this after an injury? Do I just give her more time? This is my first go around with chicks and I want to make sure I am doing what's best for her. I just ordered some Nutrical and should have it tomorrow. Any other suggestions OR other more nutritious liquid recipes that I can try?


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    Welcome to BYC. Try putting the raw egg into a small amount of chick feed, and stir up up--more egg, less food, then if she takes it slowly increase the amount of feed in it. If that doesn't work tomorrow, I would go get a 35 or 60 cc syringe from the feedstore and some aquarium tubing, and some KayTee baby bird food from WalMart of a pet store to start tube feeding. Burn one end of the tubing to round off sharp edges for inserting into the throat. She needs some nutrition or she will waste away. Here is a link about tube feeding:

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