Injured Chick. Please Help!!!!!

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    Ok. So I thought my adult hens were much nicer than they really are! I made the classic newbie mistake. I placed my juvenile hens in with my full grown flock. I did quarantine the new chicks first, for 6 weeks, just to be safe! Well, I made introductions, my original flock was very well behaved all day and ,my rooster just ignored them. I have 2 adult bantam OEG hens, 1 bantam OEG roo, and one standard EE. Around dusk the EE began chasing the young ones but truly she didn't bother them too bad. Until this morning. I went out to the coop and my 2 SLW juveniles were beat up pretty bad! I felt awful! I am so attached to all of my birds! The worst has a large open wound on the back of her neck where the skin was torn. I have since seperated them. I just don't know what to do to protect the wound. Do I need to medicate the 2 birds that are injured? Do I try again with the 2 juvenile EE that aren't wounded? Do I need to put neosporin on the wounds? Please Help!!!

    Thanks in advance for any and all input!!!
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    We all make or have made mistakes when we are learning - you tried to do right so, don't beat youself up. [​IMG] The Neosporin is good if the wound is kind of deep. Blue Kote for minor stuff - they don't like the taste of it so, it can help to stop some of the picking. All wounds need to be covered so, no blood shows or all the flock will pick on it. To intigrating the younger birds into the flock - can you put the young ones into a dog crate or something for nights so they are in with the flock but, protected? Then only let them out together when they can free range and have lots of room? With a week of this they might do better at night when cooped up together. Hope this helps [​IMG]

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