Injured chick!! Will mama take her back?


12 Years
Feb 1, 2009
Lexington, KY
I have a broody hen who free ranges with all of 13 of her two-week-old chicks. I got home tonight and saw one of the chicks sitting alone by itself, which raised some major red flags. I pick up the chick and see that she's having trouble walking - her right leg appears to be injured fairly badly, although nothing obvious from the outside.

I put her in with my group of Cornish X chicks I have brooding right now. They're the same age, but since they're in a brooder they don't have to travel as far. I thought this would put less stress on her leg because she wasn't able to keep up with all her sisters and her momma.

So here's my question... if she heals in the brooder (which I am assuming she will), will I be able to put her back out under the momma hen? Or will she be stuck with the Cornish X until they become dinner?

Will she be ok in with the Cornish X or should I have her separated somewhere else by herself (or with one of her sisters?)

Thanks for the help!!

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