Injured chick with purple wattle

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    Hi all,

    Recently the neighbor's dog got a hold of one of my pullets. (~ 4 months old). I didn't get a good enough look and see how deep the wound was under her rear feathers/wing. Yesterday my DH mentioned she didn't look right and I took a close look. The poor baby has maggots growing in her wound. She's isolated, I sprayed it liberally with blue cote last evening as I've had excellent success with that in the past. She's still walking, eating, drinking though it does look like she's having some diarrhea. Today I bought some tetracycline to put in her water.

    I did notice today that her wattle looks purple. Her comb still looks the normal color. I'm not positive it's not from the blue cote, but I really don't think it is. I assume this is a bad sign but I'd like to hear the advice from you seasoned folks. Any other suggestions? Should I go ahead and wash out the wound today with 1/2 strength hydrogen peroxide?

    And the final question, is it ok to wait until she looks really bad to put her down? I don't want her to suffer, but already this summer I had another chicken survive being scalped and do great. I hate to give up on them too soon.

    Thanks for your help!
    Jo Ann

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