Injured chick

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    Apr 14, 2016

    I'm new to backyard chickens and just bought 7 chicks two weeks ago. It's been warm so during the day I've been taking them outside with me. We have a dog that we knew would require training to be around them so I've been keeping her in the house while they're outside with me. My husband accidentally let her out today and she snatched one of the babies up before we could stop her. I screamed and she dropped it just as quickly, but it's wing is broke. There is a lot of bruising in what I'm going to call the shoulder Soviet area and some torn skin on the underside. The chick is eating and drinking fine. It's good with me holding it. But the wing doesn't move. It just sort of hangs. I have read to wrap the wing in natural position, but I'm not sure how. Also, if the wing is broken, of taped, will it eventually be ok? It doesn't seem to be suffering, but I for sure do not want it to.

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