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May 14, 2016
Holopaw, Florida
One of our 4 month old Golden Comet Hens was injured the other day (4 days ago now). She had a whole chunk of skin (size of a golf ball) ripped from her right side. We assume it was and over-zealous mount attempt from one of our 5 mo. old roosters. However when we found it it was not "fresh". We immediately separated her from the flock to prevent further damage/injury. The flap created by this injury would not adhere to the rest of her skin and has not "died-off" as we suspected it would.
So now, today (4 days into the healing process) the entire injury (including the hole) seems to be healing great. No Infection, and a "film" growing over the entire injury sight. However she has now started pecking at this flap of skin (just hanging now) and it is bleeding. I hate to cut off this "flap" of good tissue, but I fear it will never be anything but a "flap of skin". If we do attempt the cutting of this flap what is the best/quickest/safest/least painful way to do so??? In the photo of injury you can see (top to bottom of injury) partially covered by wing is the healing "meat" area, then a crusted over area, and then the flap which she has now began to "pick-at".
All in all the injury looks great (as a hole in the side goes) without infection, no smell, and chick is eating, drinking, pooping, and jumping around as normal.

Please advise on best course of action !!!!

Note: the bleeding in these photos is fresh today from her pecking at "hanging" skin flap.



Feb 3, 2016
Keep her quarantined from the flock and make sure the wound remains clean and free of infection. As to removing the flap of skin I am not certain how best to handle that so I am not going to give you any advice on that. It does not appear that serious from the pics you posted. Best Wishes.

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