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Apr 20, 2016
I lost 12 pullets last night to what I'm assuming was a weasel (trap has been set for tonight) I have 10 remaining babies that are now currently in my garage while we use their house as bait. Nine of them just seem scared but one did suffer from the assault. It looks to me like a surface wound and I'm hopeful her feathers will grow back and she'll live a long happy life. What do you folks think? Any suggestions? She is eating and drinking and playing normally. No one is pecking her. It was very raw and bloody this morning. I tried to clean her up a bit.


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Infection can kill this chick even thought it managed to escape a predator. Any raw wound needs to be cleaned daily with soap and water and antibiotic ointment applied religiously.

The chick can survive this with your diligent help. Feathers will regrow on the bald area, but probably not on the wound spot.
Swelling, redness, then oozing pus.

No need to expect infection if you clean with soap and water each day and keep ointment on it until it heals.

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