Injured chick


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7 Years
May 2, 2012
I have a baby pullet that I hatched 11 weeks ago,.She seemed that she was not as strong as the other ones so I separated her for a few days. She was limping on one foot..I thought that maybe it was malformed..This week I could'nt stand to see her suffer I started checking around..Anyway I finally made an appointment with my local vet..It cost $50 to have her checked..I guess she must have got her leg caught in a hole in the incabator when she was born..The vet said calcuim would grow around it and then it wouldn't hurt her to walk on it. He said they could take xrays and all,but I guess he thinks it would be costly.,.I hate to see her suffer..She is so sweet..She sat on my lap all the time to the vets and did not fuss a bite as he examined her..What do you people think out there..Has anyone had the same experience..Should I go to the expense of getting her operated on..The vet had me feel where her leg is swollen..It gets hot at times..I would like some suggestions please.. Eileen

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