Injured Chick!!!


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Mar 21, 2015
When I was at school, 1 of my chicks got injured and started bleeding. then the other chicks started pecking it. This happened Wednesday. It is eating and drinking fine. What do I do to help it?


Sylver Queen

7 Years
Jul 21, 2014
Hi. I've read that when a chicken is injured, it should be separated from the flock so it can't be further pecked. If she's still eating and drinking fine then hopefully she will heal on her own, just watch out for infection. If any of the wounds are deep, maybe use a cleaner or antiseptic of some kind. (Some recommend hydrogen peroxide; there are gentler sprays on the market, but if you haven't got them then soap and water or hyd. perox. could help. I've used salt water rinses on mine. One teaspoon salt to one cup of warm water. Just make sure she dries well and doesn't get cold!)

I've heard that chickens don't like to be separated from their flock, and I imagine that's especially true of little ones. If you have a way to separate her from the flock but still be within close distance of them, then sweet! Either way, once she's healed and not showing red, they should treat her normally again. : )

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