Injured chicken. Coyotes!!

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    [​IMG]Coyotes found my girls! Lost one tonight and another is injured pretty bad. Want to do what I can to help her make it! Wound looks bad and it sounds like air is coming out of it. Not bleeding bad though. What OTC meds can I use? How can I keep it cleaned? I want to keep her in the house in the bathroom but my husband insists our house will smell like a coop!
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    If air is coming out of the wound, then an air sac was probably punctured. That might be bad as far as infection goes, and may cause other problems. You maywant to take a piece of gauze and put Neosporin ointment over the hissing wound, and press on it to seal the leak. It may be held in place with a dressing and vet wrap, or by holding it in place. I might take her to the vet in the am. To clean the wounds, just use hydrogen peroxide or dish soap and water, then apply Neosporin ointment daily. Try to keep any puncture wounds open for a couple days to keep them from abscessing. An antibiotic would be helpful if you can get one from your vet. Give her scrambled egg, moistened chick feed, or any favorite foods. A baby aspirin can be given twice a day for pain. Keep her warm and inside. She will be pecked by the others until her wounds are healed.
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