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  1. sajid

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    Oct 20, 2016
    [​IMG][​IMG] Hi everyone. So I raised a bunch of chicks for the first time a couple months ago and this page really helped out alot. This chicken's right leg had bent toes and I wasnt able to fix them because he kept loosening the tape. Now, months later, he cannot even walk on the right leg. It remains straight and points backwards. Can anyone tell me what to do please?

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Lake Stevens, WA
    Oh my! That looks bad, does he seem to be in any pain? How is he moving around? He's eating and drinking fine right?
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  3. MrsBrooke

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    Aug 11, 2014
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    Welcome to BYC, Sajid.

    If he gets around okay, is eating and drinking, and you don't mind the (potential) extra work required with a special-needs chicken, I'd say keep him.

    Otherwise, if he is in pain, is struggling to keep up, can't eat or drink with the others, and you are not willing or can't provide extra care, I feel the kindest thing would be to cull him.

    In the end, only you can make the right choice for your birds. I am sorry for your troubles.

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  4. RareAvis

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    Oct 18, 2016
    I have a rescue chicken with an injured leg.

    She's my first.

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of it; gout may be playing a role.

    I'd say:

    If your chicken is happy and wants to live, try everything to help.

    Could a nutrient deficiency be in play?

    This is what I'm looking into: they can be predisposed to gout, for instance, which can manifest with symptoms like you describe.

    GOOD luck.

    It's an incredible journey, trying to help a critter who can't help themselves; indeed: a noble one.

    I believe you'd regret not trying.

    Be well.


  5. sajid

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    Oct 20, 2016
    Thanks for the reply guys! He eats and drinks perfectly fine. Doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. But he does have trouble getting around. To me it looks like a displaced joint. Hopefully it can be snapped back. I'm trying to contact a vet in the area. Also, i don't think it's nutrient deficiency, we feed them alot and they are free roaming.

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