Injured chicken not eating or drinking


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10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Austin, Texas
Two standard chihuahuas broke into my yard last Saturday and mauled 2 of my chickens. We had to put one down but the other survived. They bit her head pretty bad. She lost feathers on her face and there was a small puncture wound which is healing (I'm treating). She doesn't open her eyes much because I think they are really swollen and sore, but I'm pretty sure both eyes survived. She is a buff orp and so was the one we had to put down. Our Americauna flew to our neighbors roof, so we were able to get her back, and she seems to be of some comfort although the injured pullet had her face in the corner of the coop for most of the day. She seems to be getting better as far as shock is concerned but she is getting really thin. We've been hand feeding her melon (for water content), but trying to give her electrolytes in a syringe just seems to be more traumatic to her than it is worth. Anybody have any suggestions? I have a job and can't hand feed her enough to keep her alive. Will she get over it and start eating?

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