Injured chicken - part of scalp missing


Mar 28, 2015
Southern Tier, NY
One of my dogs busted into the coop last night and his nail took a piece of the chicks scalp. I feel horrible, but I immediately got her inside and got on here to see what I should do. So, I am going this morning to get Blu-Kote. I cleansed the wound with salt water and put some Neosporin on the wound. She is now back out in the coop but in a small dog crate with her own water, food and stuffed animal. The other chickens can't get to her. The chick was just so sad without seeing them. I put some electrolytes in her water and I saw her eat a bit last night. This morning she is walking around normally

Now for my questions -

1. How often should I be cleaning the wound?
2. How long should she be separated in the dog crate?
3. With the Blu-Kote, will she be able to be with the others more quickly (since it masks the wound)?

Also - any advice! This was so frightening, I feel like a bad chicken mama. I'm reinforcing the corner of the run that my dog pushed through and I am actively going to be training him to leave it. I'm not sure how to reintroduce the chickens to the dog, but for now I am leaving them in the enclosed coop and not out in the run.

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