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Jan 3, 2016
One of my 10 month old Australops got bombarded by her flock. She has a mildly broken beak and a torn comb. She lost a lot of blood in the battle but is alive. I have kept her in a crate for two nights allowing her to have a little recess while the other girls are out free ranging. They leave her alone but she immediately goes into the coop and onto the roost. She doesn't move from there.
She has been eating but I'm not sure if she is drinking. Could she be just exhausted from blood loss? What do I do? Should I keep her crated and keep the lights off to encourage her to sleep? I've been giving her high protein food--eggs, yogurt, tuna. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Aug 11, 2014
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A badly broken beak doesn't feel very good when you have to "peck" your food. I would keep her separate in the crate and treat her with saline washes and over-the-counter Neosporin. Keep it up with the soft, high-protein foods.

I am sorry your mama gets picked on. I find that Australorps are sometimes on the bottom of the pecking order. :/

You don't have to keep her in the dark, but a warm, quiet, dim place works best.

Hope that helps and I hope your mama makes a full recovery!!



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I would mix some warm water into some of her usual feed, and you can add some raw egg, yogurt, or buttermilk. That way she will take some water when she eats. Giving her 3 ml daily of Poultry Nutri-drench or Poultry Cell tonic would help with vitamins and other nutrients to give her a boost. If your coop is large enough you could crate her with food and water during the day, then let her go to roost at night, still remaining part of the flock.Put some iodine or plain Neosporin on her comb.
Here is some info on broken beaks:

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