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    Feb 27, 2009
    Yesterday my cornish hen picked a fight with one of my silkie roosters and lost severly. It is almost as if he scratched her entire face off. I called my vet but they don't specialize in chickens. So I have cleaned her up she is inside in a warm quiet place. She is finally drinking but still refusing to eat her face is swollen and her eyes are swollen shut from the injuries, when I cleaned them yesterday her heys looked intact not damaged or pecked out, she looks to be on the road to recovery. My question there anything I can use topically to help with discomfort and to aide the healing process? And would softening scratch in water help with getting her something to eat? Any advice would be appreicated.

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    Gentle topical application of original neosporin (without the pain relief ingredient) on her skin (not eyes). Aspirin (no substitutes) in water for pain relief if you sense she's in pain (which can make her stop eating) - low dose would be an 81mg baby aspirin crushed into a cup of water (essentially similar to five 325mg aspirins in a gallon of water). . Hydration is important - try anything that might entice her - e.g. cut up bits of fruit (each is different in their preferences so you might need to experiment if you don't know her preferences). Mealworms, scrambled egg, sunflower seed, oatmeal...
    Hope she is feeling better soon [​IMG]

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