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    Jan 5, 2008
    Azle, Tx
    I'm so frustrated and mad about this. We have a donkey that always stays pretty much next to the chickens and dog run. He is very protective of his territory. My hens like to roam the front and back yard but also venture out to the pasture next to their cage where the donkey is.

    He will usually let them alone, but we have to chase him away if he is rearing up at the chickens. One day he did get one while we were gone and stomped it to death. Before that we found a hen with a broken wing and something wrong with a toe. She's healed now. But the other day I caught him trying to stomp another hen. She finally got away as I was trying to save her and made it away from him. Her leg was hurt and she couldn't use it. We put her in a special cage with another hen, (the one that had the broken wing), after about 6 days she is doing so much better and able to walk without so much of a limp.

    I love my chickens, they follow me like my kids when I come out. I have started to not let them free-range anymore. They love being out and catching bugs, snakes, and mice. They can still fly out of their area. We had it all covered with chicken wire but took it off because of the massive amounts of leaves that collected on it. I used to open the gate and just let them run. After we took the top off they could come and go as they pleased and we would just lock up the hens at night in the hen house. But I guess now we'll have to recover the top of their area with something.

    I really don't want the donkey! My husband says the donkey is what keeps stray dogs from killing the chickens. Except the donkey is doing his best to kill them. Any ideas of how to control this situation? I guess the chickens don't know about donkeys because they keep going over the fence to him. What do you put on top of your pens? Thanks, Carol
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    You probably won't like my answer but in all honesty, I would think the chickens would learn to stay away. I'm assuming there are many other areas they can go. Not sure of the set up, but are they going under the donkey's pasture fence? Is it wood/solid or electric fencing? Is there anything you can put in the area you think they may be getting into it?

    Not sure what to tell you.
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    You're gonna have to keep them separated...unless you want all of them to be chicken patties...
    I'd definitely recover the run so they can't get out.
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    Jan 5, 2008
    Azle, Tx
    Yes, we are going to keep them apart. I am going to re-install sometype of netting or fencing over the chickens area and my husband thinks that getting the donkey "fixed" will help reduce his aggression;). Carol
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    Jan 10, 2008
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    I agree with you husband about getting the donkey gelded. My littlest donk was a real trouble maker, he how is as sweet as can be. See they don't know what to do with all of that testoserin so they get alittle agressive( well really agressive) mine thought I was his Jenny! Our roosters jump on the donk's bums to get up and roost.....Ahh I love my darling creatures!!!!!
    Jamie Lynn........ Hee Haa

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