Injured Cockerel?????

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    Jul 29, 2009
    hello,ive got a 7 week old cockerel who was fine yesterday and cant seem to walk today.hes a bantam frizzle cochin that lives with a cochin/d'uccle mix pullet and a sizzle roo.all the same age.they are still in the brooder because i have 11 week olds in the grow out pen waiting to get introduced to the rest of the flock.the brooder is about 4 ft.long and 1 1/2 ft.wide,so they have room.they are very small for 7 weeks.i keep them on fine pine shavings.he,spikes his name,is now getting around on his hocks.the toes on 1 of his feet curl when i try to get him to stand.i put electrolytes w/vits. in his water and gave him boiled egg yolk.hes still on start and grow and is eating,drinking,pooing,etc.i really cant afford a vet right now,and he is a bird im not going to keep.ive already found him a new home,but i would like to do anything i can for him.hes a sweet little guy.i have him in his own cage and i cant feel anything out of place,but im no vet.any advice is very appreciated..

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