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    Hello all. We have rescued a laceneck dove. Ive rescued this type before and found them very adaptable and hardy, Ive never had one die on me even in cases of extreme injury and shock. Even saw an eye ball find its way back into a socket...But thats another story.

    The bird is very small, very young but fully feathered and fledged. I cant find any obvious injuries but its having trouble balancing and tips to the right occasionally. The leg and wing on that side seem weak, and its missing almost all its tail feathers. Its got plenty of fight in it - gives me vicious looks when I change bedding and water and tries to get free but very slow and sluggish. I think it is eating on its own - every now and then I find it sitting on the seed - but every few hours I give it a bit of my special 'protein shake' a bit of pellet, farax and honey mixed with warm water. I rub the plastic syringe on the edge of its beak until it opens up and just drip feed it. It doesnt seem to mind this.

    Its got a really rattly weaze to it, I think theres fluid in the airways somewhere. Its pooping normally. Im keeping it in a covered cage in a quiet spot with a hot water bottle. Its looking better than last night, less fluffed up.

    My partner found it in our back room - what we call the cat room. I knew one of my cats had been getting the odd bird but for the last 2 days all the cats have been fascinated with my bookshelf. I thought they had a lizard in there and was going to take a look but now Im worried it was actually this poor bird trapped in there. Im more worried about fluid in the airwaves than anything else, I was astounded to see it still alive this morning.

    If it lives, I will eventually introduce it to my pigeons.
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    Poor little fella died this afternoon. They always do this to me - I start off with no hope and just when I start to think they have a chance they pack up on me.
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    Oct 24, 2009
    Sorry to hear the sad news.

    Sadly if cats bite the bird the bird usually dies.. even just a small bite.. this is because cats have very nasty bacteria in their saliva that causes a rapid and usually fatal infection.
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    Ah yes, I found that out the hard way when I got bitten by a feral I was taking to be desexed. He got me deep, right in the knuckle and I was too busy to go to the doctor...Almost lost my finger! I didnt see any injuries on the bird but I do think they trapped it in the cat room and traumatised it badly. Nasty shock is all it takes sometimes.

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