Injured drake

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    Mar 29, 2016
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    I came home yesterday to my poor beautiful boy really beat up. I thought he was missing his eyes but they are just severly injured. He has a cut on his beak and the side of his face. He is eating and drinking when I physically put it in front of him. I cleaned him up and put triple antibiotic on him, he slept inside last night but he misses his friends. When I tried to let him go with them this morning they peck at him... I put one lady with him and he seems ok just laying down and foraging a little... Just don't know if he is suffering? Anyone else have experiance to share [​IMG]
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    I think you are doing pretty well with him.

    Ducks can survive awful injuries with the right treatment.

    Do you know what happened and have you protected the flock?

    He must be kept away from flies - they will lay eggs in the wounds.

    A saline rinse a few times a day can help reduce risk of infection. The ointment is a good idea, I think. Look under his wings and around his vent for puncture wounds - those can be missed.

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