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    Feb 23, 2017
    Hello, I’ve had ducks for about 6 months now and my one male seemed to have come up lame on his one foot over the weekend. I brought him into my bathroom to keep an eye on him.i gave him electrolytes and some food. I noticed that he’s been drinking a ton but not eating. His leg is defiantly swollen and hot i tried epsom salt with a little iodine in water to draw out an infection if he had one. I have a suspicion that my dog might have some how tried to get him through the pen we have and caused him to twist his leg. I also tried an ice pack on his leg last night for the heat. I think it helped a little. But my concern is, he’s not eating. I tried apple cuttings and honey this morning and he had no interest. I placed him in a small tote with water to help soothe his leg and he loves it. He has a good temperament, quacking when I walk into the bathroom, crawling on his stomach and moving all over the bathroom, but I know he isn’t 100%. Also I noticed when he poops it’s this pea green color that’s flaky and very runny. I’m a nursing student and no that BMs can tell a story...
    I would appreciate any advice on how to get him to eat our anything I should try to get him back to healthy.
    PS there are no vets around here that take care of birds and if there were it would be a fortune I believe.
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    no eating is serious.

    @casportpony can maybe help.

    I can't. So sorry.

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