injured duck...blood in nasal vents


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Oct 29, 2007
Our 3 year old Pekin duck scrapped with a stray cat today. Puncture wounds on both sides of head and left eye swollen shut. She seems to be ok otherwise. I put antibiotic ointment on the wounds and eye the best I could. I am concerned that her nasal vents are plugged with dried blood. She has a kiddie pool and has bathed just a little bit. Should I let her work out the dried blood or should I try to clear the vents myself? Lost Mr. Duck last week...there is a bounty on the cat.
Cats have nasty claws and can spread disease, I think I'd try to get some kind of antibiotic for your duck. can you put her into a nice warm bath then she can clean out his nares. you have to be very careful what kind of meds you give to water fowl, but I believe Baytril is safe to use... I just ordered some to have on hand for my ducks. I ordered from

hope your duck heals nicely, and hope you get that cat..

if she won't clean her own then I think maybe you should try being thats how they breathe
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