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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by gigi ramona, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Nov 8, 2015
    Someone gave us 5 grown ducks yesterday and I discovered them in the road this morning. I was able to rescue 4 of them. There was a dog around them and He had apparently attacked them. One has blood coming from its eye. The most injured duck has lost an eye and has an area about the size of your hand that has no feathers and was bloody. I cleaned it with warm water and poured peroxide on it. I'm keeping it in a huge plastic tub with a towel in it. I don't know anything about ducks. I plan on taking it to the vet in the morning. How do I get it to drink water? Should I get another tub and put water in it and let the duck sit in it and drink water?

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    First of all do you have them in a fenced in area? They need shelter and especially if they are new to your house they need an enclosure to protect them from preditors.

    I would put neosporin on the skin injuries. Use the nonpain reliever kind. Did you take it to the vet this morning? If it is cold there I would not put them in water especially the injured one. Did you bring the injured duck inside to keep it warm and be able to keep an eye on it.

    I am going to ask some other people to see if they can help you also.


    The water should be easy just offer it a bowl of water and it should drink right away. Let us know how they are doing.

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    @Miss Lydia another person to help you.
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    I am so sorry please confine them so this doesn't happen again.. Your duck is in shock so very important to bring it inside where it is warm. keep it in a very quiet spot should be around 80* where it is at till it comes out of shock. Most likely it won't eat or drink for a while but every so often try putting some room temp water with poultry vitamins plus electrolytes in with it to see if it may want some if you don't have poultry vitamins [please try to get some] you can put some ACV into the water 1 Tab to 1 gallon this will give electrolytes till you can get some, Since you have cleaned her wounds with peroxide don't do it again peroxide is good for first cleaning of wounds but it will hurt any new skin that is growing back so warm saline rinses is best or a product called Veterycin spray for wounds [TSC] I am glad your taking your duck to the vet, Ducks are amazing what they can come back from but your duck may need more help that your able to give and possibly some antibiotics. So please keep us updated on how the duck is doing and hope you were able to get the rest all inside a safe pen now. If the tub you have your duck in is large enough you can just offer her a deep bowl of water often to see if she'll take any but with this type of attack it may take a while for her to come out of shock another reason she needs to see a vet if at all possible.
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    @gigi ramona

    You have been given good advice. I can only recap. Get a vet's help, keep them all safe, learn about shock and how to help an animal get through it, including electrolytes in water. Don't force any water or food into the duck at this point.

    Please send us an update.

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