Injured Duckling


Mar 10, 2018
I have been raising ducks for 6 years now. I just for 3 new ducklings. Unfourtnley the duckling jumped out of the box and the dog tried eat it. It is still alive with no puncture wounds. But it won't walk or stand atm. I have fixed injured duck legs before, but never a duckling. What should I do? Do to not having feathers yet, I don't want to put it in a warm bath to help. And I feel it is too small for a popsicle stick and wrap since it is only like 4 days old. I have it in the house with me and I am keeping a close eye on it. Should I just wait to see if maybe it is just in shock or is there anything I can do to help it? TIA.
How does the lil ones poop look might have internal in juries, Hoping not and shock probably. Keep it warm try quiet and get some Poultry Nutri Drench and give it tiny drops right inside the mouth, direction on the bottle. Is it eating or drinking at all
I haven't seen it poop since it happened. I have it inside with me currently. Eating and drinking just fine. It seems to be standing now and trying to move a little more. But not as active as it normal is. It was jumping a ton before the incident happened. Still making lots of sound. It was sleeping for a little while.


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