Injured Emu


Nov 6, 2019

So Monday Oct 28th we got a pair of 3 year old Emu. While we were moving them from the trailer to the pasture one got spooked, scratched his (or her) neck and got loose. Yesterday after several sightings we were finally able to catch said emu and get him back to his friends (total of 6 emu here).

We had to kind of hood and tackle the fugitive emu in the truck and home. For the last day this emu has been laying around in the pasture. We brought food which he eats and have checked the neck wound. My husband feels like he probably needed sutures when it first happened but now it has healed some and we are past that. What can we use to treat his wound? Are there wound sprays, antibiotics? Could we give him pedialyte?Should we be concerned he is just laying around or is he recouping from a week of being in the woods foraging and probably very little water?

We are completely new to owning emu so any advice is so appreciated! We rescued all 6 last week.



6 Years
Nov 9, 2013
Hi, Holly. Me just boosting your spirits: someone more knowledgeable will come along shortly.

I have used a simple spray bottle to spray a mixture of water and antiseptic on an emu's wound. (Wild emu. So I couldn't handle it.)

And 'laying around'? Could we have more detail? Can s/he walk okay? Limping? Just seems listless? Are the other emus trying to attack it?

You say s/he's eating. Good. Certainly not at death's door then! Drinking? Posture?

A wonderfully knowledgeable member named 'ES' noted some years ago that young birds -- yours is hardly more than a chick -- are extremely robust fellows, able to recover completely from mishaps.

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