Injured Eye


Nov 24, 2020
Australia, QLD
This morning I noticed that one of my chickens (her name is Roxy) had something wrong with her eye. She is fairly low in the pecking order I think one of the other chickens may have pecked or scratched her. She doesn't seem too bothered by it; she is still eating and drinking and doing everything she would normally do. But she is using her other eye more to see.

This is her with her eye open:
Roxy Eye.PNG

And this is with it closed:
Roxy Eye Closed.jpg

Is there anything I could do to help her?
I can't tell whether that's pus in her eye or a torn eye lid. You will have to tell us.

The treatment, and yes, you need to treat it or have her risk going blind, consists of flushing the eye thoroughly with saline or with dry eye drops. Carefully remove any pus. Flush each day. Then put Neosporin in the eye twice a day until the eye is healed.

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