Injured foot/leg

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    Feb 14, 2016
    The hen is a Barred Rock. She has been like this for about 2 days, and has been through two epsom salt bath treatments. She has been favoring the other foot, only setting down the injured one when completely nessesary. If anyone knows what is causing this and how to treat it, I would be forever grateful. This is a friend's hen and she is very beloved. (Nature always seems to select hardships on our favorite chickens, doesn't she?) Thank you guys in advance!
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    From the photo, it looks to me like she has suffered a laceration to the top of her foot, like from wire or a predator...maybe another chicken...something sharp. Are there any possible culprits in her usual environment? If so, they should be addressed as a preventive measure. No broken bones that you can see or feel? If there's a break, the treatment would be different.

    The injury doesn't look swollen or weepy to me. If it's not, and it doesn't feel hot to the touch (another sign of possible infection), keep it clean and put either triple antibiotic ointment without pain reliever on it or use a wound healing spray (like Vetericyn). Since she's limping, her activity should be restricted.

    Hopefully, time, rest, and treatment will heal her foot if it truly is just a cut. Good luck!
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    I agree, itlooks like an injury. The green skin is bruising.
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    Jul 19, 2016
    If you are worried its hurting her then you can give her baby aspirin or low dose adult aspirin 81mg.It helped my chicken a lot[​IMG]

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