injured foot, looking for advice to do


10 Years
Oct 3, 2009
I had just let my chickens out around the yard. i had noticed one of the chickens was limping. when i looked closer her toes is half partially missing and black. i started to clean it and use antibiotic cream on it. any other suggestions?
thank you, first time with chickens freaked me out. i don't know how i never noticed it before. thanks for help.
also i have wrapped it, should i have that chicken away from others right now or is it ok for them to be in coop together?
ok i soaked and cared for, swelling went down, black is still there but looks alot better. only thing is as its healing the toe bone is starting to show, will all of the toe including bone going to fall off over time? will i have to break the bone to release it?

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