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    My 5-month-old bantam injured her foot, most of the foot is green and she has some cuts along the side of her longest toe. She has only been standing on her good foot and limping badly whenever she has to walk. I soaked her foot in Epsom salt and sprayed it with Veterycin and Alushield. Is there anything else I should do?
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    The danger with foot injuries such as this is that the tissue damage could cause the chicken's body to wall off the injury, denying blood to the injured tissue, and the affected parts will die and fall off. The green skin signifies bruising, by the way.

    You're doing the best thing for her by soaking it regularly in warm Epsom salt water. That will encourage blood circulation and help heal the injury.

    Baby aspirin can be a big help in such a situation, both for pain relief and to fight inflammation. One baby aspirin 81 grain two times a day is safe and effective.

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