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Injured Geese - need advice

Discussion in 'Geese' started by duckmama23, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. duckmama23

    duckmama23 Hatching

    Jun 3, 2016
    Hi there everyone!

    I have 2 injured geese that are not fairing so well... hoping some of you could give me some good advice or suggestions.

    Chinese geese, one male (Jack) and one female (Jill) - 2.5 years old. They were attacked by a neighborhood dog.

    Jill was severely injured. She had multiple puncture wounds in her back, lower back area above her tail feathers (air sac/lung area). She also is limping, looks like left leg was injured however no puncture wounds. Legs look okay, not swollen & they don't appear to be broken - but you can tell it hurts.
    Jack did not have any open wounds however he is very sore and limps badly. Does not appear to have any life-threatening injuries, from what we can tell...nothing external anyway. He was extremely stressed and traumatized when we found him.

    We called every vet in the area, even the livestock vet.... not one would take them. Very frustrating. I found an avian vet but even she would not treat 'farm geese'. These geese are not just farm animals - they are our pets!

    Anyway - Its been 10 days since the attack. We have treated both birds with penicillin (7 days) to fight infection & electrolytes in their water to help with dehydration. We cleaned out & rinsed Jill's wounds and have been treating them with antibiotic ointments & creams. The wounds themselves have healed up quite a bit.

    My concerns... are their behaviors. Jack still seems very traumatized. Since the attack, we keep them in their goose house at night so they are warm and safe from predators. When I herd them in at night, Jake immediately goes into the corner and just stares at the wall. When I go to let them out in the morning.... he is still standing there, staring at the wall. I have to coax him out. He has stopped honking, He hasn't honked since the attack. He doesn't use his kiddie pool anymore. He is eating but I hardly ever see him drink. He used to be very protective of Jill, always hovering over her. Now he just wanders off aimlessly... like he is totally lost.
    He still limps badly and will trip and fall easily.

    Jill hardly eats or drinks. We have to hold up a Tupperware to her beak for her to drink. She hardly eats a thing. She wont use her kiddie pool. She has lost a considerable amount of weight. Her wounds however have healed up pretty nice... they are scabbed over and no sign of infection. She is still limping pretty bad. She also has not honked since the attack. She seems to be 'more alert' than Jack.

    We stopped the penicillin on day 7 thinking that may be why they weren't eating. Didn't help.

    Jill has bright green watery poop - worried it is stomach bile because she is slowly starving.

    Both birds stay outside all day and mostly sleep. But - their necks are up, eyes are clear. They preen themselves. They will stretch and flap their wings. Those seem like good signs to me... however the lack of eating/drinking, lack of honking & using their pool just worries me. These geese do not like treats like our chickens and ducks.... the only thing they will eat is what they find foraging (grass/weeds) and occasionally some crumbles. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to get them to eat. We ended up giving Jill some baby formula (had to force it down) - just so she wouldn't starve to death & in hopes of giving her some strength so her appetite would come back. Didn't work. We have physically picked up her & Jack and put them in their pool... but they just sit there, looking bewildered, and then climb out (we rigged the pools so they can get in & out easily since their legs are injured).

    Any advice is appreciated - supplements? Food/drink ideas? Experience?

    I just want them to start honking and chasing me in the yard again :-(

  2. Percheron chick

    Percheron chick Crowing

    Apr 12, 2013
    Boulder, Colorado
    Can't offer any advice. Mine never pass up romaine floating in their pool. Hopefully they are doing better.
  3. chwychuro

    chwychuro Chirping

    Nov 17, 2015
    Hi, I'm so sorry to hear what happened! Although that hasn't happened to me with my geese since this is the first year I'm raising them, this did happen to me with my ducks. I had 8 ducks, and 6 were killed by the neighbors dog. 2 were injured, and one of the two was really bad we had to put her down. Our one that did survive had some wounds on the back of the neck and a couple puncture wounds on her back. She was traumatized for sure. We took her to our backyard so she would be able to free range and so she wouldn't have to be near the site of trauma. She was not eating or drinking and we even put her in the pool and she stayed there for about 5 hours.. After a week, we did notice she was eating just enough. But she kind of seemed like she was just existing. After 2 weeks because she was the only survivor we felt bad and got her 2 friends... She didn't really pay attention to them and ignored them but after a week she started to hang out with them and even started to sleep near them. Now a year later, she is the leader of the pack. She shows everyone where all the new things are. I hope your geese end up fine . I want to say I'm sure they will be fine and it sounds like they will be. But you never know. I would just keep an eye on them closely.
  4. duckmama23

    duckmama23 Hatching

    Jun 3, 2016
    Thank you for your replies - so sorry to hear about your ducks Chwychuro....
    I am happy to report that both of our geese made it and are recovering nicely. They are both eating & drinking and are finally honking again. Jill still is not 100%, she picks at her back quite a bit... but the wounds have scabbed over & closed up and there is no sign of infection. She moves around just fine now, no limp. Jack is doing much better, although he is a little more skittish than before. They stay close to the house & our other feathered creatures - we have a few ducks and a dozen chickens. They will both stand in their pools to drink.... but they have not swam yet.
  5. silenthawk2x3

    silenthawk2x3 In the Brooder

    Jul 13, 2015
    We had an accident about a month ago and we lost 6 of our ducks and almost lost our Toulouse gander. They overheated in the coop and the gander was in really terrible shape when we got to him. After the immediate triage of cooling him down and forcing water into him he was very shocky for a few hours. Just drinking and sitting, very shaky, unable to walk well with extremely putrid droppings. It took him nearly a week to start eating again. I think he only fully recovered recently, when we introduced him to the new goslings. I honestly think geese are a whole lot more emotional and invested in relationships than we give them credit for. The swimming will come with time!

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