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10 Years
Apr 26, 2009
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
My poor 7 year old daughter shut the gate to the run on one of my 6 week old's chickens leg. After a lot of screeching, the chicken was favoring the leg a lot for a while. While trying to walk on it, she would either limp or almost tip over. As time went on, the chicken seems to be doing better but still favors the leg, most of the time standing on just one leg. It only happened 2 hours ago but I am in a panic about my poor little Buff Orp! I picked her up and examined the injured leg which she did not object to. There are no visible injuries to the leg and nothing feels broken as best I can tell. I moved the leg all around and ran my fingers all over the leg up to her body and down to her toes and once again, she did not object at all. I am hoping it is just like a bruise or sprain or something along those lines. Can anybody give me some advice on how to monitor this? Should I isolate her from the rest of the girls? She still continues to eat and drink just fine with the rest of the flock. Any and all suggestions would be welcome... Thanks.
I just checked on her and she is still limping but snuggling with the other girls..... Should I leave her there for the night? I think she will be ok? Geesh, so many questions!!!
Maybe its just bruised. I'd let her stay in there if she's fitting in. Make your daughter is okay too, IDK if she's attached to chick, but she might feel bad about it. Hopefully you'll get better answers.
Leave her with the the others if she is eating and drinking. It would probably be more upsetting to her to be removed than to stay with the others. Keep an eye on her. It doesn't sound like it is dislocated or broken so it will probably heal and be fine.

Keep us posted!
Definitely if it were me I'd leave her up. If it helps her stay calm, put a friend in with her. Since she doesn't seem to have broken the leg, she'll favor it for a few days. Watch for swelling. Check to make sure that there were no breaks of the skin - if so, clean and treat with antibiotic ointment (neosporin).

Otherwise it'll be better for her to stay there close to food and water so she doesn't have to walk to get it, which she might not be able to do after a day of walking.

After a day or two, monitor how well she walks and then reevaluate putting her back out.
Thank you - my poor daughter is so worried. She keeps asking if she is going to become a fairy???? I am dividing my time between checking on the injured little Buff Orp and my injured little daughter! Keep you posted! She will stay there for now, going to check on her again.
I checked on her out in the coop overnight and they were all together up on there very high perch, roosting comfortably. That means she either walked up the ladder or jumped up there, either which is a good sign to me (I hope). I am about to go out and check on them again - let them out for the day. I hope to report good news. Updates to follow. Thanks for all your advice.
She seems to be doing slightly better today. Still eating and drinking with everybody. She seems to be putting a little bit more weight on her leg today. Between me and the 4 kids, we each took turns giving her cuddle time which she thoroughly enjoyed - fell asleep most of the time in our laps!!! I will be putting them to bed in a few minutes and check on her again - keep my fingers crossed!! Keep you posted!
I'm just smiling and nodding my head in that "omigosh that chicken is spoiled" sort of way as I read your post. Sounds like she's going to be more than fine.
Wonderful news. Keep us posted, please. And hug those babies for being such good kids!

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