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Apr 28, 2013
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I keep my 2 geese in with my other birds, 8 ducks, 14 chickens, and 2 turkeys. Earlier today I went out and noticed the 2 turkeys bothering the one goose. When I went back to check on the later the turkeys were standing on her and had her head all bloody and all the feathers gone and her eyes are all icky now. I separated her from the rest of the birds for a little while, but she escaped and went outside with the rest when I went to check on her. I am wondering what to do! I think i should keep the turkeys separated from now on, but i don't know how to treat the gooses head! Please give me any advice I am an newby at all this! Thanks!
ducks and geese can live together, but no turkey should not be kept in a confined space with other birds.

You goose needs clean water and lots of it to keep the wounds clean. You can go to tsc and buy an antibiotic spray for wounds, or pick up neosporin WITHOUT pain relief to apply to the wounds as well.

You said you keep them all "in together" please describe or post a picture of your set up so others can chime in on a better housing solution.
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You should keep you geese away from the turkeys. AS you can see now what will happen if you do not. Sooner or later they geese could pick on your chickens.
Get some Vetericyn spray from Tractor Supply. It is safe and you can just spray it right onto the gooses head and it will not harm them.

Sorry this happened to you goose.
I was worried about keeping together I had heard you can do it either way, but I will be separating them now!! We have chicken coop and a large run, they had been all happily living together until today. What would be a better set up for all them in everyone's opinion
geese need to be permitted to free range and graise on grass daily for 90% of their diet. They also need fresh buckets of water and do best if given a kiddie pool daily as well for bathing in.

Turkey and chickens dont like be in super wet conditions so keeps 4 species in a contained run could bring on health issues and picking.

A house to protect at night from predators, cement mixing pan or kiddie poll and a bucket of clean water daily plus yard/pasture and waterfowl feed for geese. Ducks require the same

A house for night time protection plus gamebird feed & fresh water and if you need to worry about them straying then an enclosed run for the turkey's

A coop for predator protection and run if you chose to not free range as well as all flock, flock raiser,(with oyster shell and grit) or layer feed with grit made available as well as water.
Thanks so much! I will get on it!
I was thinking that was about the set up I should have!
Its nice to hear it from someone else!
and go to TSC and get Veterycin spray it is very safe to use around face and eyes, after you get her washed up right before you close her up for the night where she can't stick her head in a bucket of water spray her face and eyes. and spray as often as you can till she is healed. Hope she gets over this injury.

Can anyone tell me what the "active ingredients" are in the Vetericyn - I can't seem to find them online and I haven't seen the product in Australia.

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