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    Aug 30, 2010
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    When the guineas returned to coop on Saturday night, one of the males was limping. I kept him in on Sunday and let the others out, but they wouldn't leave the barn. He must be the leader, because they were extremely upset to be without him. I netted him and checked out his cuts or bleeding injuries, so I figured a sprain. Today, after 3 days of coop rest, he still seems as bad as the other day, maybe worse. He won't put any weight on his right leg. He can lift the leg and move the foot but limps severely. When I gave them fresh food and water tonight, everyone ran over but he stayed laying on the floor. I am worried about him. Should I net him again and see if his leg is broken or dislocated? Or give him a few more days to rest and possibly put some food on the floor for him? Thanks
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    I had a female that hurt her leg somehow. Could not see anything wrong, so just kept a close eye on her. She hopped around on one leg for about three weeks. Started limping after that for about 3-4 more weeks. Now she seams fine and is running around with all the others. Her "boyfriend" stayed with her the entire time she was injured acting as a look out [​IMG]. Now that she is better he does not stay around as close. Funny birds, I love having them around.
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    I'd offer him some food and water ASAP... if he's not eating or drinking his chances of being able to heal himself are going to dwindle. I'd offer him a high protein feed and add electrolytes to his water. He may appreciate greens too. (Hopefully he will eat and drink on his own).

    After he's had a drink and eaten some food (and had some time to digest) I'd net him again and check again for any swelling or wounds that may not have had time to swell/show up the last time you checked him over. Maybe it had just happened when you noticed him limping and now there's a noticeable cause.

    After that if you can crate/cage him and provide a heat lamp so he stays warm (but not hot), he'd probably appreciate it. I'd avoid stressing him any further and try to keep his crate/cage where he still feels like he is with the others.

    Maybe it's as simple as a splinter in the bottom of his foot, a sprain or even a minor predator bite that's making him stiffer and causing him more pain the less he uses it. Is it a possibility that a loose dog might have tried to get a hold of him maybe? Hard to know what they encounter while out free ranging [​IMG]

    Mystery injuries are common with Guineas, but I hope you figure it out and all he needs is a little R&R [​IMG]
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    Took a look at him today after I let the others out to range. His right "ankle" is fairly swollen compared to the other one, but I see no sign of an open my guess is he sprained it. He is eating and drinking and roosting on the perch again. Going to give him a bit more inside time to let it heal.
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    Hope he gets better! [​IMG] Sounds like a fracture but not life threatening. [​IMG]

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