Injured Hatchling w/ Broken Beak, Swollen Eyes

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    Hi everyone,

    I have an injured day-old chick that another chick attacked after it hatched yesterday. Its eyes are swollen up -- one is open a bit and the other is closed right up. Even worse is the fact that its beak was broken off and you can see its tongue.

    I have been giving it eyedroppers of water with Poly-Tonine A Complex, a vitamin complex for chicks. It won't eat/drink on its own yet, probably because it can't see very well. I am really concerned about the beak. Will it grow back? I was going to start feeding it a mushy mash/water mixture by eyedropper, but am afraid if the beak doesn't grow back that it won't be able to survive on its own. Has anyone had this experience? I would be grateful if anyone knows anything about this problem to please let me know.

    Thanks so much,

    Linda [​IMG]
  2. Oh how terrible! Poor little thing! i am not an expert, but i'm sure someone will come by shortly who is.

    i just did a search on broken beak, and from what i have read, it sounds like there is a chance the beak will grow back. i would just keep trying to feed her and see how she does. You may want to try feeding some cooked mashed up egg yolk. Or the mash/water combo sounds good, too. Just make sure she keeps eating, and definitely keep her separated from the meanies.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks airheart43,
    Yes, she is in her own little ecosystem with heat lamp and heating pad. When she hears me coming she starts opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue to get a drink! She moves around to different parts of the Rubbermaid tub, which is about 12" x 20", and she can get to where it's 95 degrees, but seems to like it where it's about 85 degrees. When I pick her up she seems quite strong and she peeps. I put a bit of antibiotic ointment on her head but didn't want to put it right over her eyes in case it gums them up and makes it harder for her to open them. I will boil up an egg yolk for her and get a mush going for her. Thanks for your post [​IMG]
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    Yes, keep feeding the egg mash. Also, consider getting some sort of antibiotic on those eyes--infection is not good at all! Also, try the chick starter, and maybe try getting her to drink on her own. This will be important when she gets older. The beak, however, may be a problem, but it probably will be OK. She might have to have special care when older
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    Thanks, Beakkeeper,

    The peep is looking much better this afternoon with both eyes half open now. Hurray! She is still not too interested in the mash mixture. I put it on my finger and she licks a bit off, but still likes the water better. I did put more antibiotic ointment on her head and around her eyes, so I think that helped. She seems very strong and puts up a good fight when I hold her to dip her beak into the water dish, so things are looking pretty good compared to yesterday. Didn't think I could be so upset over one little chick when we have so many other animals to look after here on the ranch. LOL [​IMG]
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    Jan 11, 2007
    can you post a pic?
  7. The calvary has arrived!

    Dlhunicorn is what i meant by "expert", Linda. She will be able to help you.

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