Injured hen being picked on


Apr 28, 2015
I have a Buff Orpington that was injured back in October. I separated her and let her neck heal (she had a gash from one side of her mouth over the top, to the other side of her mouth). I let her heal for about 6-7 weeks. Feathers grew back but not completely. I have 3 Black Jersey Giant hens, 1 Black Jersey Giant rooster and 1 Rhode Island Red hen. I also have 5 barred rocks but they don't mess with her. (They're a lot younger). Mainly the black ones are pecking at her neck. Is there any way to stop this? Or to get the feathers to grow back so they pick at her? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Nov 23, 2010
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Put some Blu-kote on the area they're picking.
When birds are removed, if even of just a couple days, they're picked on. At 6-7 weeks she is a lone bird new to the flock.
I would remove the RIR and at least 2 of the JG henss for a few days and return them one at a time so they are the new birds.

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