injured hen - coon or badger?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by hennylove, Jul 14, 2010.

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    New here and grateful for any help, We have a girl here who is injured about her face. Her eyes seem to be swollen shut and her head is a bit bloody. She does not seem to have any other injuries. We heard a yelp and I think we interrupted the predator. We have never had problems before, our 4 hens and one roo sleep in the large tree-like bush outside their little house in a fenced enclosure. Yesterday I found one RIR dead just inside the back of the fence . We also have 4 pullets who have started to roost in the bush. Last night we herded the pullets into the barn. Wasn't sure I could convince the full grown ones to move, so we spread some "raccoon repellent" (harharhar) along the fence and set a trap. When we heard the one lone yelp at 1:30am we raced out there and found the tree empty. We looked all around and could find nothing. We live in a very small town, ours is the only house on our block and there are a lot of trees, etc and it was extremely dark. This morning we heard our roo a block or so away, he and one of his white leghorns (his favorites) came back home. He still seems to be calling for his other girlfriend. I found the red henny just sitting in the middle of the pen. (Our pen is about 40 x 30 and the small barn and henhouse are adjacent)

    Questions, what should I do for my injured henny? Any suggestions on getting my tree roosting birds into the barn? We have wired our fence but need to get it working right. I am thinking about nite guard, motion-sensor lights and getting a live trap.
    We have a neighbor who thinks they saw a badger a while back. I haven't seen any chat about badgers on this site. By the looks of the RIR we lost, I would say raccoon. Thanks for any help, love this group.

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    My guess would be raccoon. We have badgers here, but they've never ever bothered the chickens. Not saying that they wouldn't take the opportunity if it presented itself, but I don't know that they'd go out of their way to get one. Especially since your birds were in a tree. That seems more raccoonish to me.

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