Injured Hen - healing tips needed plz!

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    May 11, 2014
    Over the weekend, our flocked got attacked by a raccoon. He killed a few, and mangled our rooster, although you can tell he put up a good fight. The rooster seems to be doing fine minus a few wounds and the loss of feathers.
    They were able to get their hands on one hen, and luckily never were able to finish her off.
    I've decided that she has the right to heal after surviving the struggle. She was bitten behind her head, sort of scalped a bit, and her eye is either swollen shut or punctured.
    I've separated her from the group, moved her to her own pen and now want to try to remedy the wound.
    I fed her scrambled eggs and cut up grapes, since I read that the boost in protein and vitamin can help. I've also read a bit about this Vet RX stuff but I'm wondering what tips and tricks others may use to help the healing process. We will be attempting to clean the wound tonight.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The sooner you clean the wound the better. VetRx won't do anything for her and will likely irritate her wounds. Vetericyn may be helpful. Clean the wounds well as the possibility of infection is high. Flush well with Chlorhexidine, Betadine or Peroxide. If you don't have those things flush well with water or saline, and apply Neosporin no matter what you use to clean the wounds with. You just don't want to use Peroxide over and over as it hinders the healing process. I would put her on some antibiotic's, I use Baytril 10%.

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