Injured hen-it's not her leg


11 Years
Feb 4, 2011
SE Idaho
Night before last, I noticed one of my sex link hens standing on the floor of the coop when I was locking up for the night. She was holding her left leg tight against her body and was standing on the other. She could not roost. The next morning, my husband and I examined her. She had hopped outside and was lying in the sun. The leg was still tucked tight against her body when she stood up. We picked her up and felt the foot pad (nothing), felt along her leg for breaks/injuries (nothing) and extended the leg without a problem. She never indicated that we were hurting her at all. We couldn't find anything wrong so we came to the assumption that it must be an injury in an upper joint. My hens free range so, unfortunately, anything could have happened to her. Anyone here have a similar experience or would anyone care to make a prognosis? Thanks!
I had girl have her foot get squashed in a doorway. Nothing was broken but she kept it tucked up and couldn't stand on it. She went into the hospital, for a week came out fine.I just gave her rest.
Thanks Chickann! I hope that it is the same with my hen. I can't see the injury, I just hope that she will be able to recover from it with time. I feel sorry for her since she can't roost, but the others aren't bothering her, so I've decided to leave her with the flock. We keep pine shavings on the floor and last night she was tucked into the back corner. She did lay an egg yesterday, so I don't think it is an internal problem. I will just have to wait and see.

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